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About Us


So picture this...

You're a 29 year old woman, you're single, and it's the 4th of July. You're on the beach with your friends, enjoying the sunshine, the waves, the lack of obligations... You notice that the group of people that you're celebrating the holiday with, comprised mostly of young women, is conveniently situated right next to another group of people, comprised of mostly young men. What a coincidence indeed! Fast forward a few hours and the day is in full swing. The group of guys has either forgotten their adult beverages or were not smart enough to bring any, and so they work up the courage to ask if you'd be willing to share yours. Unfortunately, your group is large and rather exuberant, so most of your refreshments have been consumed by this point. Fortunately, you do have one red solo cup filled to the brim with gin, straight up, that has been warming in the summer sun all day. It has gone untouched because earlier, in a classic case of mistaken identity, your good friend filled up her red solo cup with what she thought was high-quality H2O, took a big gulp, and upon realizing that her "water" was actually toting the iconic bitter floral notes of gin, spit that big gulp back into the cup, set the cup aside, and promptly ignored it for the remainder of the day. That is, until your beach neighbors requested some beverages......


Hey guys! 

We're Gin & July, but you can call us Maxx and Bre Buchanan. Yes, that is the story of how we met. Yes, Maxx drank that cup of backwashed gin. No, Bre did not tell him until months down the road that the gin was also filled with spit. Are you grossed out yet? Good. 

If you haven't realized it by now, we're the love photographers of your dreams. Weddings, couples, families, babies, dogs, lizards, you name it! We'd love to be the ones to make you look good. Bre is a brilliant teacher/photographer combo and Maxx has been pointing a camera at people since childhood. We have a passion for people, remote places, sweatpants, and quality coffee; and we like to travel around with our daughter, Wren, and our little fur ball, Earl. 


We truly believe that every love story is unique and that every story is worthy of being told. Boasting a photojournalistic approach and a go-with-the-flow attitude, Gin & July will be there to capture all of the big moments, and the little ones too, throughout your day, without adding to the confusion and chaos. Your day should be about you and your love, not logistics.


So, give us a shout! We'd love to meet you at your favorite breakfast spot, meet your dog (or lizard), hear all about how your story began, and chat about your specific photography needs.


- Maxx and Bre

*Available throughout the United States and worldwide.

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