New branding, who dis?

Hey guys!

So 2017 was a great kick-off year for us. We worked with some amazing couples and collaborated with a few incredible artists. The end result? Oh, just some timeless images and a whole new look for our growing business. Complete wth weddings, engagements, vow renewals, and possibly even a little peek at our own wedding shot by A Sea of Love, the next few blog posts that you guys see will be a recap of our wonderfully chaotic 2017. 

But first, we'd like to thank Travis Nagle, our friend and fantastically talented designer who we collaborated with to bring you our whole new look, Gin & July. The back story to the name is one of a serendipitous nature. On July 4th of 2015, Maxx and his friends and family were spending the day at the beach, which is somewhat the only acceptable activity on the 4th down here in San Clemente. Oddly enough, Breanna and her friends had the same activity planned. On the same beach. At the same time. Right next to Maxx's group. Now as we all know, in the US of A, the 4th of July is for beers, BBQ, and getting sunburnt while you're sleeping on the sand. There is, however, the existence of "Team No-Fun," the Orange County Sheriff's department. Because of this, bringing your own booze down to the beach has become more of a gamble every year. Playing it safe, Maxx's group left any adult soda's up at the house and planned on just enjoying the beach. That is, until Breanna's group decided to whip out their giant dispenser of margaritas and water bottles full of "water." 

Salivating for a frosty beverage, Maxx and the boys went about their day. Some casual conversation was exchanged, but nothing significant had really occurred. It was just another crowded 4th of July at the beach. However, thanks to a couple more boisterous friends in each group, and a couple not-so-subtle mentions from the boys of how they had left their drinks up at the house, eventually both groups ended up in conversation. Bre offered to share the only thing that they had left: a big red cup full of warm gin, and nothing else. Needless to say, bad decisions aren't solely for college are they? But that sun-heated heated cup of straight gin initiated Maxx and Bre's first interaction. Two and a half years down the road, and it seems that bad decisions can be great decisions, and that chance can be a beautiful thing. Warm gin? It's really not. 

So take a few minutes, have a look around, and then give us a shout. Let us tell your love story. After all, every couple has a unique story to tell.