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Your wedding day is about so much more than a party with cake. Don't get us wrong, it's going to be a party. And you better believe that we're going to be right there with you throughout the day's craziness. But your wedding day is the culmination of something that started long before you or your partner even said, "Yes." 


Your love, to be specific. That first semi-awkward meeting. Those first texts that you put too much thought into. That first kiss. Every significant and insignificant moment that led up to the "yes" is what your love is built upon. The big occurrences, the little moments. The laughs, the cries. Every day. Your love tells a story that is unique and specific to the two of you and, honestly, it's a story worth telling. 


Now, your story has brought you here. Obviously, if you've made it this far, something about our work has struck a feeling and driven your curiosity to want to know more. Wanting to know more is what we're all about. We don't fancy ourselves as a professional wedding vendor that you hire and never hear from again when the music ends and the hangover begins. Rather, when all is said and done, we want to know you like your friends and family know you. We want to learn about who you are and what you're about, and then express that knowledge in a well-curated, authentic visual narrative. 

Everyone has a story. We would love to tell yours.



1) All-In-One Package

          • $6500

          • 8 hours of coverage

          • 2-hour engagement session

          • 2 hours of rehearsal dinner coverage (for local weddings/weddings requiring overnight travel)

          • Digital wedding gallery

          • Custom 28-page wedding album

          • 2 8x10 fine art prints of your choosing

          • Guarantee of 800+ wedding images

2) The Recommended Package

          • $4300

          • 8 hours of coverage

          • Digital wedding gallery

          • Flash drive with high resolution images delivered USPS

          • 2 8x10 fine art prints of your choosing 

          • Guarantee of 800+ wedding images

3) The Standard Package

          • $3800

          • 6 hours of coverage

          • Digital wedding gallery

          • Flash drive with high resolution images delivered USPS

4) The Basic Package

          • $3300

          • 4 hours of coverage

          • Digital wedding gallery 

5) The Elopement Package  

          • Starting at $2800 

          • 4 hours of coverage

          • $300/hr for every additional hour

          * travel fees in addition to package cost

A la carte


     Portrait session (engagement, boudoir, trash the dress, couples “steam,” etc.)

               $550 - 2 hours

               *discounted to $350 when added to a wedding package

     • Rehearsal dinner coverage

               1 hour - $350

               2 hours - $550

               3 hours - $750

              *each additional hour after 3 hours is $500/hour

     • Hard cover wedding photo album

               28 page - $550

               52 page - $700

               76 page - $950

              *each additional spread (two pages) is $50.00 per spread

     • Fine art Prints

               Pricing available upon request


Still have questions? Try our Questions tab at the top of this page. If the answer you need can't be found there, feel free to contact us here

We can't wait to hear from you!


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