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Who says courthouse weddings ain't fun?

Hey Bru!

Got a last minute urge to tie the knot? Give us a shout. A couple of our friends, Erin and Warren, decided that a courthouse wedding on a Friday was the way to go. Originally, they weren't planning on anyone taking any photos... but obviously we pointed out the flaw in that plan. So, we convinced them to let us (and our one month old baby girl) tag along. Turns out, if you want to leave the courthouse with your nuptials being official, you need a witness (who doesn't work at the courthouse) to sign your paperwork and sit in on your ceremony. Who woulda known?

Well...here's to knowing how courthouse weddings roll.

...and to not having to ask a complete stranger to be a witness at your wedding.

Erin, Warren... you guys rule. We love you.

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